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M. Nunes-Pinto, R.G. Bandeira de Mello

J Aging Res & Lifestyle 2024;13:65-72

Sarcopenia, a complex muscular condition driven by multi-systemic dysregulation and its interactions with lifestyle, physical attributes, and mental health, lacks effective drug treatments, relying primarily on non-pharmacological interventions. Fragmented approaches may prove suboptimal due to its complexity, underscoring the potential for multidomain interventions—a combination of two or more strategies to improve individual health—as a promising treatment option. This review examines the possible roles of multidomain interventions in sarcopenia, specifically addressing their effects on muscle mass and quality, muscle strength, and physical performance in older adults. While the updated literature highlights the beneficial consequences of multidomain interventions in enhancing physical performance outcomes, gaps persist in understanding their influence on the biological aspects of sarcopenia. Promising initial findings suggest changes in plasma inflammatory markers or muscle turnover networks, but further research is necessary to clarify the disease-modifying effects of multidomain intervention in sarcopenic patients.

M. Nunes-Pinto ; R.G. Bandeira de Mello ; (2024): Effects of Multidomain Interventions on Sarcopenia. The Journal of Aging and Lifestyle (JARLife). http://dx.doi.org/10.14283/jarlife.2024.9


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