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S. Kunvik, R. Valve, M. Salonoja, M.H. Suominen

J Aging Res Clin Practice 2018;7:136-142

Background: Older caregivers, males especially, are vulnerable to nutritional problems. Low intake of protein is common and can affect their nutrition and health. Objectives: The aim in this RCT was to investigate the effect of tailored nutritional guidance on protein intake among caregivers aged ≥65 years with protein intake under recommendations (≤1.2 g/kgBW/d). Subgroup analysis were made with male caregivers. Design: Data from the CareNutrition randomized controlled trial (RCT). Setting: Community-dwelling caregivers from the Western part of Finland. Participants: Total of 55 caregivers (n=28 intervention group (IG), n=27 control group (CG)) with protein intake of under 1.2 g/kgBW/d at baseline. 45.5% were male (n=12 male intervention group (MIG), n=13 male control group (MCG)). Intervention: During the six-month intervention tailored nutritional guidance was given to the intervention group during home visit (once) and in group meetings (2-4 times), complemented with written material. Written material was offered to control group. Measurements: Protein intake was assessed with three-day food diary at baseline and final measurements. Main outcome measure was change in protein intake (g/kg bodyweight (BW)/d), analysed among participants with protein intake under 1.2 g/kgBW/d at baseline. Participant characteristics were evaluated with validated methods. Results: Mean protein intake was 0.86 g/kgBW/d in IG and 0.85 g/kgBW/d in CG and among males, 0.89 g/kgBW/d in MIG and 0.79 g/kgBW/d in MCG. There was no significant difference in the change in protein intake between IG and CG. Protein intake increased among MIG by 0.11 g/kgBW/d and decreased in MCG group by -0.07 g/kgBW/d, p=0.007. There was also a significant increase in protein intake within the IG (+0.10 g/kgBW/d, p=0.038). Conclusions: Tailored nutritional guidance resulted in improved protein intake among older male caregivers. Group-based nutritional guidance may boost nutrition among older caregivers, especially males.

S. Kunvik ; R. Valve ; M. Salonoja ; M.H. Suominen (2018): Does tailored nutritional guidance encourage older caregivers to increase their protein intake? The CareNutrition trial (RCT) . The Journal of Aging Research and Clinical Practice (JARCP). http://dx.doi.org/10.14283/jarcp.2018.23

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