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Editorial board


P. de Souto Barreto (France)




Associate Editors

Geroscience and lifestyle

C. Dray ( France)

Interventions, lifestyle and aging

N. Coley (France)

Exercise and aging

M. Maltais (Canada)

Nutrition and aging

C. Féart (France)

K. Giudici (France)

Cognitive stimulation and aging

S.-Y. Moon (South Korea)

Digital aspects, lifestyle and aging

A. Piau (France)

Z. Beattie (USA)



Editorial Board Members

M. Canevelli (Italy)

M. Cesari (Italy)

J. Delrieu (France)

E. Ferrioli (Brazil)

F. Guerville (France)

A. Marthur (India)

M.-U. Perez-Zepeda (Mexico)

Y. Rolland (France)

E. Stephan (Lebanon)

B. Vellas (France)

D. Waters (New Zealand)